v2: The Bank Update

How our largest update yet came to life.
Written by: Adam

The idea of The Bank Update was first introduced at the end of 2018. After coming up with the idea, our team has ever since worked towards implementing the bank update but in small steps. From switching databases to completely rewriting our whole backend, the end goal was to prepare Points to be able to handle this large of an update. Thanks to all the work that has been done before, the bank update only took 3 days to be added to our alpha bot.

Features like the new rob command with its events were carefully planned out by our executives to stay child-friendly while also having humor to the events. Our marketing team has also been working hard on building hype for the update using discord and twitter. In the end, all our staff collaborating on the update was finished with our standards met for Points.

We think you will like this update and would appreciate more feedback on how to improve Points in the future. You can also find the full release notes of version 2 down below.

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Release Notes

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